Computer Systems

About half of our faculty carries out research in Computer Systems, including distributed systems, real-time systems, resource allocation, operating systems, database systems, high-performance computing, fault tolerance, and the intersection thereof as well as the intersection with GPUs, security, privacy, and important distributed and serverless applications.

Full-time Faculty

Assistant Professor, DINS & CS
(412) 624-8490
Associate Professor, ICDS & CS
(412) 624-9315
Professor and Dean, SCI
(412) 624-8421
(412) 624-8924
Associate Professor (on leave at ORNL)
(412) 648-0168
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs, SCI
(412) 624-8416
Assistant Professor
(412) 624-8490
Professor and Interim Chair
(412) 624-8923
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
(412) 624-8852
(412) 624-8837

Ph.D. Students

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