Thomas Brusilovsky

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Pronouns: he, him, his

Courses supported: Current: CS-0445; CS-1501 Prior: CMPINF-0401

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Creative Writing

Academic Level: Junior

Why did you become a UTA? I enjoy teaching and like helping my fellow students who are struggling with material I understand.

What is the best advice you would give to a student who may need additional support? Ask your professors and TA’s for help, we are here for you and want you to reach out.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking the course you UTA for? Start your projects as soon as they are assigned! Some projects take a while and the more time you have before its due, the more time you have to get help!

Why should students come to your UTA office hours? If you are struggling or confused about anything in class, I will do my best to help.

What is your favorite thing about the subject you UTA for? Computer science is cool.