Ronak Khamar

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Pronouns: he, him, his

Courses supported: CS-0011

Major: Computational Biology

Minor: Exercise Science, Chemistry, Computer Science

Academic Level: Senior

Achievements and Accolades: Dean's List

Activities and Clubs: Club Tennis, Global Public Health Brigade, Club Triathlon

Internship, Research and Experiential Learning: Neuromuscular Research Lab - > Physical Resilience Lab

Post graduation plans: Work at NIH as a post-bac full time researcher

Why did you become a UTA? To gain the teaching experience while also further solidifying in my basics as I tutor.

What is the best advice you would give to a student who may need additional support? Show up, that is the hardest part because once you are there we can be aware of what to help you with and then we can connect you with resources or I can even help you at that moment.

What is the best study tip you have for a student taking the course you UTA for? Definitely practice practice practice, programming will get easier over times. Please don't be afraid to ask questions

Why should students come to your UTA office hours? Because I am there for you. It's as simple as that, that time is simply to help students.

What is your favorite thing about the subject you UTA for? I love the puzzle and challenge of it all.

Anything else you would like to add? I am excited to TA for the semester!