Keena M. Walker

  • Department and Graduate Support Administrator
  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

30 years ago, I was hired at Pitt as a front desk receptionist in Computer Science, I worked in the Mineral Industries Building which was torn down. A few years later I was hired as the administrator for the Chairman of Computer Science (Bob Daley was the Chairman at that time.) I left that position to work as the administrator for University Professor Bruce Buchanan, who was working on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology. Dr. Martha Pollack, who was running the Intelligent Systems Program, came to me asking if I would like to work for her as the administrator for ISP. I agreed, applied for, and got the job. Martha is now the President of Cornell University. After Loretta Shabatura retired from Computer Science as the graduate administrator, I applied for that position and received it. I am currently in Computer Science as the Department and Graduate Support Administrator.

Fun Fact: I have 66 first cousins. My Mom had 8 siblings and my father had 8 siblings. My parents had 8 children.