Kunal Gandhi

  • Class of 2021
  • CS + Neuroscience Major

Kunal is majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science with a minor in chemistry. He has conducted research in the ophthalmology department under Dr. Yiqin Du to study the efficacy of stem cell  therapy to regenerate retinal ganglion cells as a treatment for glaucoma (ARVO Conference). He has also authored a chapter in a book called "Glaucoma Research and Clinical Advances: 2020 to 2022" from Kugler Publications. Kunal was involved in research in the bioengineering department (under Dr. Gelsy Torres-Oviedo) helping with the rehabilitation of stroke patients using motion tracking. He conducted research at the CNBC (under Dr. Tai-Sing Lee) at Carnegie Mellon in studying EEG data and the effect of music coupled with bright light therapy for patients with depression. Kunal is the founder and CEO of Simpl Labs Inc. - a digital health company with a mobile app that uses computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve healthcare outcomes for people with back pain. The app recommends movements (i.e., exercises and stretches) based on user-specific biomechanics and pain points to help users correct their neuromuscular patterns, lower their pain levels, prevent (re-)injury, and accelerate their physical rehabilitation. Simpl Labs Inc. was named a Top 10 University Startup in the U.S. (of 1K startups) by Amazon Web Services, a Top 7 Startup at the worlds largest startup competition at the Rice Business Plan Competition and has won 15 funding awards this past year from top universities and organizations. His app is being used in over 17 countries and is changing the lives of patients around the world. Kunal was featured in Pittsburgh Business Times in the "Young Entrepreneurs Under 30" series and recently received the 'Young Entrepreneur Award' from Magic Johnson and the NFL Players Association.