Dr. Adriana Kovashka
February 25, 2021

Dr. Adriana Kovashka receives NSF Career Award

Dr. Adriana Kovashka just received an NSF Career Award. Her project is entitled "Natural Narratives and Multimodal Context as Weak Supervision for Learning Object Categories".

February 22, 2021

Four CS faculty awarded Pitt Momentum grants

Drs. Malihe AlikhaniRebecca HwaDiane Litman, and Xulong Tang received Pitt Momentum grants. 

February 12, 2021

Mar 3 Colloquium: RF Beyond ID -- Longfei Shangguan

Owing to its low cost, small form factor, and high energy efficiency, RFID has emerged as a key enabler for the Internet of Things. However, existing RFID systems can only detect the presence of a tagged object within a few meters of radio range while lacking the capability to pinpoint its precise location and communicate over a long distance. In this talk, the speaker will share his experience in building three generations of RFID systems, each addressing a set of challenges and targeting a different application.
February 5, 2021

CS students create

Four CS undergraduate students created a website to make finding a COVID-19 vaccine appointment easier by collecting information from users about vaccine availability and allowing users to easily find the most up to date information.

Dr. Colleen M. Lewis
February 4, 2021

Feb 26 Colloquium: Inclusive Teaching Practices for Busy Faculty -- Colleen M. Lewis

Teaching advice often comes in the form of transformative approaches that seem great for students, but would easily double or quadruple our workload! We’ll discuss teaching practices that you can integrate into your classroom without reinventing the wheel and sacrificing your work-life balance. Most importantly, these are practices that can have a differential benefit for students of color, women, and first-generation college students.

Dr. Diane Litman
January 27, 2021

New NSF Award: Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice

Dr. Diane Litman (Professor, CS) together with Dr. Kevin Ashley (Professor, School of Law) received a new award from the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Malihe Alikhani
January 19, 2021

Dr. Malihe Alikhani receives Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Malihe Alikhani for receiving one of the four Fall 2020 Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants, which provide initial funding for novel and innovative multidisciplinary efforts that advance Pitt Cyber’s mission.

Vasco XU
December 16, 2020

2021 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (Honorable Mention) - Vasco Xu

Vasco Xu, Pitt CS undergraduate major (BPhil, Dec 2020) received an honorable mention in the 2021 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards.

Dr. Malihe Alikhani
November 16, 2020

Malihe Alikhani Wins Grant to Support Underrepresented Students

Dr. Malihe Alikhani (assistant professor, CS) recently received a Google ExploreCSR grant to support students from underrepresented groups to pursue graduate studies and research careers in computing.

Dr. Erin Walker
November 10, 2020

LRDC Scientists Receive $900,000 Grant to Study Robots in Math Classrooms

Dr. Erin Walker (associate professor, CS) is the principal investigator of a newly funded NSF project that will study the use of robots in middle school math classrooms.

Dr. Diane Litman
February 21, 2020

Diane Litman receives Provost’s Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring

Dr. Diane Litman (professor, Computer Science & senior scientist, LRDC) received one of the three Provost’s Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring in 2020. 

Dr. Rob Rutenbar
December 2, 2019

Dr. Rob Rutenbar Named to American Association for the Advancement of Science

Dr. Rob Rutenbar was named to the American Association for the Advancement of Science 2019 fellowship cohort for contributions to tools for the design of custom integrated circuits and systems, as well as novel architectures for curricula in computer science and engineering.

Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis
April 5, 2019

Panos K. Chrysanthis receives the 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Education Award from UMass Amherst

Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis received the 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Education award from the College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Dr. Adriana Kovashka
January 30, 2019

Dr. Adriana Kovashka Receives Funding from Amazon Research Awards

Dr. Adriana Kovashka recently received funding from Amazon Research Awards for her project studying how objects foreshadow film plots and explain advertisements.

October 18, 2018

Associate Professors Adam Lee and Rosta Farzan Receive NSF Award for Privacy Work

Drs. Adam Lee (professor, CS) and Rosta Farzan (associate professor, DINS), recently received more than $280,000 from the National Science Foundation for their project that explores privacy-enhanced sensor designs that provide people with the knowledge and assurance of when they are being recorded and what data is being captured.