Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis
June 22, 2021

Chrysanthis, Costa, and their collaborators receive best demo award at IEEE MDM 2021 conference

A team led by Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis and Dr. Constantinos Costa received the Best Demo Award at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2021) for their work entitled "HealthDist: A Context, Location and Preference-Aware System for Safe Navigation"

Dr. Constantinos Costa
June 21, 2021

Costa, Chrysanthis, and their collaborators receive best paper award at IEEE MDM 2021 conference

A team led by Dr. Constantinos Costa and Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis received the Best Industry and Application Paper Award at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2021) for their paper entitled "A Context, Location and Preference-Aware System for Safe Pedestrian Mobility". 

Neha Manoj
June 10, 2021

Remote, but not apart: Neha's first-year experience

Neha Manoj, a first-year Computer Science student from California, shares her experiences attending her first year virtually.

Dr. Rob Rutenbar
May 26, 2021

Rob A. Rutenbar Earns Distinguished Professor Honor

Dr. Rob A. Rutenbar, senior vice chancellor for research at the University of Pittsburgh, has been appointed to the rank of Distinguished Professor in the School of Computing and Information (CS) and in the Swanson School of Engineering (ECE), in recognition of his extraordinary, internationally recognized scholarly attainment in his field.

April 30, 2021

The 2020-21 academic year will be the Year of Data and Society

‘Year of …’ initiative will focus on Data and Society in the 2020-21 academic year. In announcing the initiative, Provost Cudd said "Data science now permeates education, government, medicine, engineering, entertainment, science, the arts, humanities and business, touching nearly every facet of life. All parts of our University collect and use data and each offers unique perspectives on how data can contribute to student and faculty success, human well-being, and the greater social good."

Dr. Xiaowei Jia
April 29, 2021

Xiaowei Jia receives Best Paper Award in SDM 2021

Dr. Xiaowei Jia received the Best Application Paper Award in the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2021).

Katelyn Morrison
April 28, 2021

Katelyn Morrison nominated for the Emma W. Locke award

Katelyn Morrison (CS BS, 2021) is one of nine Pitt students nominated for the Emma W. Locke Award which is presented to a graduating senior in recognition of high scholarship, character, and devotion to the ideals of the University of Pittsburgh.

Andrea Michael
April 27, 2021

Pitt's Computer Science Club gets members ready for internships and beyond

Andrea Michael describes Zero to Offer, a relatively recent Computer Science Club internship training program dedicated to helping future Pitt grads accelerate potential careers in tech.

Max Dudek
April 9, 2021

Max Dudek awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Max Dudek, a computer science and computational biology major in our Department, was awarded a 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Dr. Adriana Kovashka
April 2, 2021

Adriana Kovashka’s Research Aims to 'Teach' Computers Object Detection

Dr. Adriana Kovashka (assistant professor, CS) just received an NSF Career Award.

Dr. Herodotos Herodotou
March 31, 2021

Apr 9 Colloquium: "Automating Distributed Tiered Storage Management in Cluster Computing" -- Herodotos Herodotou

Dr. Herodotos Herodotou will be the presenter of our CS Colloquium talk on April 9 at 2pm.

WiCS group members
March 8, 2021

Women in Computer Science club creates space for community

WiCS (Women in Computer Science) is open to students of all genders and is a club designed to foster diversity in the field of computing by creating a community of support for its members. 

Dr. Adriana Kovashka
February 25, 2021

Dr. Adriana Kovashka receives NSF Career Award

Dr. Adriana Kovashka just received an NSF Career Award. Her project is entitled "Natural Narratives and Multimodal Context as Weak Supervision for Learning Object Categories".

February 22, 2021

Four CS faculty awarded Pitt Momentum grants

Drs. Malihe AlikhaniRebecca HwaDiane Litman, and Xulong Tang received Pitt Momentum grants. 

February 12, 2021

Mar 3 Colloquium: RF Beyond ID -- Longfei Shangguan

Owing to its low cost, small form factor, and high energy efficiency, RFID has emerged as a key enabler for the Internet of Things. However, existing RFID systems can only detect the presence of a tagged object within a few meters of radio range while lacking the capability to pinpoint its precise location and communicate over a long distance. In this talk, the speaker will share his experience in building three generations of RFID systems, each addressing a set of challenges and targeting a different application.