Xulong Tang receives Pitt Momentum Funds Seedling Grant

Department of Computer Science professor Dr. Xulong Tang received a Pitt Momentum Funds seedling grant for his project Q-GPU: A Recipe of Optimizations for Quantum Circuit Simulation Using GPUs. 


In recent years, quantum computing has undergone significant developments and has established its supremacy in many application domains. While quantum hardware is accessible to the public through the cloud environment, a robust and efficient quantum circuit simulator is necessary to investigate the constraints and foster quantum computing development, such as quantum algorithm development and quantum device architecture exploration. In this project, we propose to systematically investigate the deficiencies in quantum circuit simulation (QCS) and propose Q-GPU, a framework that leverages GPUs with comprehensive optimizations to allow efficient and scalable QCS.

The long-term impact of our QCS centric project will advance the quantum computing community from multiple perspectives, including quantum algorithm development, quantum software-hardware interface development, quantum compiling techniques, quantum computer architecture, and quantum device development. In particular, we envision that the success of the proposed research in this project will open at least three research avenues: i) efficient and effective practical quantum algorithm development, ii) quantum programming interfaces, compilers, and runtime management, and iii) quantum computer architecture exploration.


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