Minor in Computer Science

A 16-credit minor in Computer Science is available. The minor is essentially five of the six courses that are considered the “core” of the CS major. This is a rigorous minor. This minor is not intended for casual students interested in computer literacy.

The requirements for the CS minor are:

and one of the two courses:

*CMPINF 0401 requires programming experience as a prerequisite. A student without any programming background would be advised to take the 3-credit course CS 0007 as preparation for CMPINF 0401.

**The typical minor consists of CMPINF 0401, CS 0441, CS 0445, CS 0447, and CS 1501, and CS 0441 is a prerequisite for CS 1501. However, students with very strong math backgrounds (ex: Math majors) may be able to waive the CS 0441 prerequisite for CS 1501 and thus take CS 0449 rather than CS 0441.


Related Areas

For students wishing to obtain a related area (12+ credits) in computer science without formally declaring a computer science minor, the department recommends the following set of courses: CMPINF 401, CS 0441, CS 0445, and CS 0447.

Less-Rigorous Related Area

Students seeking a less-rigorous related area might complete the following set of courses: