Majors (and students who have completed CS 0401) are not permitted to enroll in CS 0004, CS 0007, CS 0008 or CS 0009 or CS 0301. Computer science majors may enroll in the intermediate-level service courses (CS 0090, CS 0155, CS 0134, CS 0334 and CS 0699) and may take them for a letter grade. However, these courses will not count toward CS course or GPA requirements.

Double Majors

Students majoring in computer science have the option to complete a concentration of courses or even a second major in at least one other field.

Graduate Course Work

An undergraduate computer science major may enroll in a graduate CS class and receive credit for one of the five required upper-level courses. Permission of the instructor is required.

Related Area

A student majoring in computer science can complete a related area in mathematics by taking 12 credits in mathematics. An algebra, trigonometry, or precalculus course may NOT be used as part of a related area. Students majoring in computer science also select their related areas from many other fields. Areas frequently selected include economics and business, chemistry, physics, psychology, and philosophy.

Credit by Exam

Credit for CS 0401 is given for scores on the Computer Science AP Test of 4 or 5. Credit by exam is not available for any other CS courses.