Capstone Options

Capstone Experience

All Computer Science majors must complete a capstone experience prior to graduation. This experience may be satisfied in several ways including:

  • Completion of an approved 3-credit academic internship (CS 1900  )
  • Completion of an approved 3-credit directed research project (CS 1950  )
  • Completion of a capstone designated course (ex: CS 1980  )
  • Completion of at least 2 rotations of an approved co-op ( CS 1906  )

Students are allowed to complete more than one capstone experience but a capstone course may NOT be used in place of a CS Upper-Level Elective course

Note: ​Students who participate in internships or research that include the summer term must also complete the associated classroom component in the fall (or spring) semester. The required classroom component is not available in the summer term.


Academic Internship (CS 1900)

  • A single term work experience, typically summer
  • Requires attendance at capstone course meetings
  • Capstone interns must
    • Be declared CS majors with junior (60+ completed credits) standing
    • Have completed all 400 level CS courses with a C or better
  • Requires that the student fill out the Undergrad Internship Application Form.  Once you have filled out the form, an employer and CS Faculty Sponsor form will be generated automatically and be sent to both parties. Please be certain that the information you input into the application for both employer and CS faculty sponsor information is accurate as those will be the individuals and contact information that get sent the corresponding forms.
  • Please be sure to have a conversation with your faculty sponsor and internship employer before filling out the undergrad internship application form outlined above so that they know to be expecting an electronic form in their inbox.
    • After the undergraduate internship application, employer, and CS faculty sponsor forms are all completed, Alka Singh the Director of Experiential Learning will reach out to you and give you the go ahead to apply for a permission code for the CS 1900 course.
    • Completed forms are required in order for a permission number to be issued
  • Not all internships are for credit or are eligible for capstone

Directed Research Project (CS 1950)

  • Directed research with a CS faculty member
  • Requires attendance at capstone course meetings
  • Requires a CS 1950 Learning agreement
    • Learning agreement is completed by the student and professor directing the research
    • Completed agreement is required for permission number

Capstone-designated Course (CS 1980)

  • CS 1980 - Project Design
    • Direct enroll with completed prerequisites (CS 1501 and CS 1550)
    • Must be CS declared major with junior (60+ credits) standing
    • Requires attendance at capstone course meetings
  • CS 1981 - Project Studio
    • Requires permission of the instructor to enroll
    • Permission is assigned based on the needs of the project

CO-OP option (ENGR 1093)

  • Satisfactory completion of at least two co-op rotations  (ENGR 1093)
  • Completion of a final paper of 8-10 pages
  • No additional classroom component