SheInnovates is the first all-women’s hackathon at the University of Pittsburgh.  The hackathon is hosted by the School of Computing and Information, the Innovation Institute, and Pitt Women in Computer Science; it was hosted by the Department of Computer Science before the formation of the School of Computing and Information in 2017. This event encourages the participation of all-female Pitt students, including but not limited to computer science, business, engineering, and law.  This event prides itself on providing a safe place for women to come together to learn, grow, hack, and empower each other.  The She Innovates Kick-Off Party features: team formation, for those without a team, idea pitching for those without a hacking idea, and Q & A.  We have mentors on-site to help guide students through the hacking process. Throughout the weekend She Innovates features keynote speakers and talks about business and tech.  Each team pitches their idea to a panel of judges, and there is an awards ceremony to announce the winners and award the prizes.

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