Grace Hopper Conference

The world’s largest gathering of technical women in computing, where technical women gather to network, find or be mentors, create collaborative proposals, and increase the visibility of women’s contributions to computing. Each year the Department of Computer Science funds undergraduate students to attend this conference. Mid-career and senior students profit the most from listening to presenters from industry, academia, and government. Leading researchers present their current work, while special sessions focus on the role of women in today’s technology fields, including CS, IT, and Engineering.

Further details about the history of the Grace Hopper Conference.

Grace Hopper Debrief

An annual debrief that is held each year after the Grace Hopper Conference in the CS Department,  Grace Hopper Conference attendees present what they learned and experienced at the Grace Hopper Conference, including pictures and slides.

Learn more about the student's experience at Grace Hopper by viewing their compilation of slides from the 2017 GHC Debrief.