Our Department is a close-knit community of faculty, staff, and students (undergraduate and graduate). Although the pandemic has kept us apart the last year, we are looking forward to being back on campus in the Fall.

All of us recognize the important role computer science plays to the rest of the University, our region, and society in general. We have been working for over 15 years to broaden participation in computing with targeted programs to recruit and retain members of underrepresented groups (Diversity Initiatives) and to expand the computing pipeline with K-12 Outreach activities. One of our more recent efforts, PittInclusion, is a new paid undergraduate research program in collaboration with the Google Explore-CSR program that aims to foster a supportive, encouraging learning environment for historically underrepresented minority students in computer science.

If you are interested in partnering with us in these activities, please contact the CS Department Chair, Dr. Alex Labrinidis.