Orrin E. and Margaret M. Taulbee Graduate Award for Excellence in Computer Science

In 1966, Dr. Orrin Taulbee founded Pitt’s Department of Computer Science and served as its chair until 1984—an amazingly long time to hold that position. Following his time at Pitt, Taulbee sered as a visiting scientist at the National Bureau of Standards in 1971. Taulbee was a founding member of the Computing Science Board, now called the Computer Research Association (CRA), in 1972. Since 1974, the CRA has conducted an annual Taulbee Survey, which is the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in information, computer science and computer engineering (I, CS & CE) and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in I, CS & CE in North America.The survey is named in tribute to Taulbee's efforts to collect important data on students and faculty in computing higher-education. Read here to learn more about Dr. Taulbee. 

In October 1989, the four sons of Dr. Taulbee initiated this award in memory and honor of their parents.
To be considered for the annual award, a candidate must:

  • be a full-time PhD student, with a high QPA,
  • pass the PhD preliminary exams and make significant progress towards the degree,
  • complete at least two semesters with classroom experience as a teaching assistant or teaching fellow with evidence of outstanding teaching skills demonstrate strong research interests, as confirmed by the faculty advisor show a marked interest in pursuing an academic career.
Year Past Recipients Runner-up
2022 Brian T. Nixon Tahereh Arabghalizi
2021 Jinpeng Zhou Rakan Alseghayer
2020 Xiaozhong Zhang Maher Khan
2019 Wei Guo Nathan Ong
2018 Xiaoyu Ge Anatoli Shein
2017 Christopher Thomas Xiaoyu Ge
2016 Christopher Thomas  
2015 Nathan Ong  
2014 Nicholas Farnan  
2013 Neal Barcelo  
2012 Lory Al Moakar  
2011 Kelli Ireland  
2010 Ryan Moore  
2009 Michael Lipschultz  
2008 Christine W. Chung  
2007 Lory Al Moakar  
2006 Jonathan Misurda  
2005 Jonathan Misurda  
2004 Anandha Goplan  
2003 Mihai Rotaru  
2002 Mohamed Sharaf  
2001 H. Chad Lane  
2000 H. Chad Lane  
1998 Jae Chan Oh  
1997 Joan Kettering  
1996 Susan Weissman  
1995 Rastislaw Bodik  
1994 Robert W. Kramer  
1993 Gary R. Livingston  
1992 David A. Berson  
1991 John C. Ramirez