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Spotlight: Dara Kusic
Post-doctoral Fellow of the NSF (CIFellows)

Dara Kusic has joined the Department of Computer Science as a 2009-2010 Computing Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow of the National Science Foundation (CIFellows). The work funded by the fellowship, and mentored by Department Chair Daniel Mossé, will develop fault-detection, diagnostic analysis, and fault-recovery methods aimed at minimizing both the diagnosis latency and cost in high-performance distributed systems. Generally, performance management and fault diagnosis are treated independently of one another by separate control frameworks. By inputting diagnostic information to a controller, this data can be used to initiate rescue and recovery actions aimed at maintaining performance through abnormal system behaviors. Fault-adaptive control technology can integrate control and fault-diagnosis components into a common, model-based framework.

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and the Computing Research Association (CRA), with funding from the National Science Foundation, initiated the CIFellows program for new Ph.D. graduates to obtain one-to-two year postdoctoral positions at host organizations including universities, industrial research laboratories, and other organizations that advance the field of computing and its positive impact on society. The goals of the CIFellows project are to retain new Ph.D.s in research and teaching and to support intellectual renewal and diversity in the computing fields at U.S. organizations. Visit the CIFellows for more information on the program.

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