Founded in 1966

The First 30 Years

A Three-Phase Characterization of the CS Department

Siegfried Treu, Professor Emeritus

In 1966, Dr. Orrin E. Taulbee left Goodyear Aerospace Corporation to join the University of Pittsburgh as chairperson of its newly approved Department of Computer Science. Pitt's CS Department (CSD) was among the first such departments in the country. In 1996, its faculty, students, and staff proudly celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of its founding.

Following is an historical sketch of the CSD. A review of its development during its first 30 years suggests a history consisting of three successive 10-year phases.

  1. 1966-76: The Formative Years
  2. 1976-1986: The Enrollment Crunch
  3. 1986-1996: Toward Excellence

1965 - 2000:




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